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Guldnyckeln is an event focusing on the latest in data, tech and marketing – being arranged since 1982. We always start with a day filled with interesting speakers and the opportunity for exciting meetings with trade colleagues. Here you can scout new trends, be inspired by success stories and take advantage of all the latest in data, tech & marketing.

In the evening we share a great dinner and deliver awards to the most creative, efficient and insightful data-driven communication of Sweden. With Guldnyckeln, we want to showcase the power of innovation within the trade and to praise all those who work with direct and data-driven communications – agencies, advertisers and suppliers alike.

Guldnyckeln is an event by SWEDMA

SWEDMA is the trade association for all Swedish companies and organisations that work with direct and data-driven marketing communications.

As a trade association we have a unique insight into the conditions given and demands on all companies and organisations working with direct and data-driven marketing communications. Every member commits to work according to the regulations (business and ethics) developed jointly with others in our business community. Together we maintain and strengthen the credibility of the entire marketing industry.



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On March 27, 2019, your company is a great opportunity to be seen together with decision makers from across the country. During Guldnyckeln Inspiration Day at the Munich Brewery, market leaders, CRM managers, creators, advertising agencies, CEOs, sales managers, project managers and many others from the industry meet. An opportunity to be seen and to connect new, exciting business contacts.
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Behind Guldnyckeln, SWEDMA, the industry organization, encourages companies and advertising agencies to create result-oriented communication with creative and strategic height. The purpose of the Guldnyckeln is to promote development, tell success stories and show innovation in the industry. Interesting lecturers, both international and national, share the current and future developments in data, tech & marketing. The meeting place is a central part of the Guldnyckeln Event and is during the Inspirational Day the place where all visitors mingle, network and share knowledge and inspiration from your company.

The day ends with a dinner when commissioners and advertising agencies are rewarded for the country’s best campaigns in data, tech & marketing.

With over 35 years of experience, Guldnyckeln has become a concept in the industry. Now you have the chance to become an important part of the Guldnyckeln.

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